AZ Ivy League Project

The Arizona Ivy League Project is an educational nonprofit organization based in Phoenix. It is a two year leadership program for high school sophomores and juniors interested in attending the best schools in the country. 


In Year One, our scholars are required to attend at least ten Saturday meetings scheduled throughout the school year. Scholars will learn the four cornerstones of the program: networking, developing oral communication skills, community service, and developing their leadership skills via team-building activities. Year One culminates with an Spring Tour of the thirteen elite East Coast universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, and MIT, among others. In addition, participants will be able to interact with Ivy League admission officers, current students, and alumni who have extensive admission selection experience.


In Year Two, participants will focus on applications, essays, preparing for interviews, and applying for scholarships. Throughout the program, participants will learn many effective steps for improving their applications to the colleges of their choice. Students begin crafting a compelling personal narrative of their background, academic goals, and what makes them unique. Lastly, scholars will also interact with civic and community leaders, seek mentorship opportunities, and are expected to read and respond to articles, books, and other material. 

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